Center for evaluation and consultingIf you face the problem of calculation of taxes on entrepreneurial activity, And you have no time to stand in queues in the tax office, we can offer a range of consulting services that help You optimize the taxation of their activities and save your time.

We offer cooperation in the field of accounting and taxation, corporate laws:

Accounting and tax accounting;

Restoration of accounting and tax accounting ( from 14 days to 2 months for 3 years restored W/o accounting for MP, then the terms are determined by agreement of the parties;)

Development of tax optimization schemes of the group of companies;

Translation of group companies etc. in the region, with the change activity, problem solving with the FTS;

Development of structure of companies, their registration for the establishment costs of its own legal. and natural persons; Maintenance of accounting LTD. And SP definitely our forces as the guarantor of the purity of expenditure;

Restoration Boo. and tax accounting in the period of bankruptcy, together with a crisis Manager;

Support during tax audits, representation – VAT, foreign trade, abolition of acts of tax audits, appeals, etc. Have a positive experience working with the Federal tax service No. 2 and 4 of Krasnodar, on the abolition acts of tax inspections, at the stage of requirements on payment of arrears acts on documentary checks.

Strategic management accounting based on SCP 1C enterprise.

Services are provided as a lump sum, and conditions of a subscription service.

Signing a contract with us You isbesides from having Your repeated presence in the tax office.

We send reports to the tax office on telecommunication communication systems (Internet).

To you personal accountant who, on the basis of data provided by You preparing the calculation of the tax base, zapolnyaet forms of accounting, tax reporting, provides advice.