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Business consulting

Consulting – the concept is quite broad. Any help the client in solving problems that arise in the course of its activity, has the right to be called consulting. The concept of “consulting” everyone puts different meaning, depending on practical activities.

The essence of consulting is to help the client to improve the effectiveness of their activities as by providing information and recommendations, and providing its services in achieving goals. Consultants have to study and analyze the situation, propose a hypothesis and propose innovations, and also to convince customers of the need of implementing the proposed measures.

Depending on the activities of the client company, its size, the nature of the problems it problems, consultants solve a variety of tasks, ranging from tax planning, research new markets, design of production control systems to legal support of activities of corporations, staff recruitment and team-building.

Business consulting services on matters economic and financial, economic and investment activities, strategic planning, optimization of the overall functioning of the company and the individual business processes.

It is impossible to cover all the variety of areas of consulting activity in a small review, but you can try to classify a wide range of services that companies provide to their clients.

Main areas of business consulting:

Consulting in the field of the preparation and review of financial statements, financial analysis of economic activity, analysis of economic conditions and forecasting, development of financial strategy (raising Finance, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, creating value for shareholders). Consulting in the field of taxation and legal services, tax planning, legal support of business customers. Consulting in the field of healthcare and design – engineering works. Management consulting. It is called “consulting” around the world since the advent of the term and until our days.

Management consulting – is an activity aimed at solving problems and challenges faced by senior managers in the areas of strategic planning, economic management, investment and financial activities, optimization and increase of efficiency of activity of the company and to conduct the necessary analytical and research works.

Management consulting includes:

strategic planning – development strategies and preparing business plans, marketing research and market analysis, sales promotion, assessment and business development, improvement of organizational structures, development of organizational structures and management systems through responsibility centers, PR; selection and assessment of personnel – training, certification of personnel, development of methods of stimulation and motivation of personnel, development of job descriptions, internal rules of behavior, optimizing structure, settlement of conflict situations; consulting in the field of information technology – design, development and implementation CIS (corporate information systems), database management systems, systems of automation of the production process; operational business planirovanie logistics services, reengineering business processes, project management, resources, and customer interaction, inventory management, quality and cost, enhancing the production efficiency.

Speaking of improving business efficiency, it is necessary to tell and about the need for the consulting services was the most effective.

Business consulting ineffective without analysis of marketing research as professionally delivered marketing research process (the process of collecting and processing marketing information) is a necessary condition of successful activity in the field of business consulting.

Business consulting requires the researcher additional professional knowledge and skills (knowledge of methods of analysis and forecasting of economic status, diagnostics total production situation, etc.), but business consulting, in principle, impossible without adequate information about the state and dynamics of the “external environment” (the amount and structure of demand, competitors ‘ actions, macroeconomic factors).

Marketing research — a set of activities to gather information about the state (changes) “the external environment” of the enterprise (firm). Based on this business consulting can be considered as a system of interpretation of the results of marketing research in the development of a particular business.

Business consulting exists as an add-on basis of marketing research. Business consulting – range of services for analysing information about the current state and dynamics of the “external environment” and “resources” consulting enterprises. Therefore, the aim of business consulting is to provide information that allows the firm to occupy the desired position in the changing environment with the available resources.

“marketing research without business consulting — an expensive toy. Business consulting without reliable knowledge about “the environment” ” quackery”. The statement is true so far as it emphasizes the practical significance of the results of marketing research. Practical significance is the basis for applied research, i.e. the research results should contribute to the increase of profit (income) of the firm.

Thus, the end result of consulting activity is not only solving problems, but also improving the performance of the company as a whole, the increase in individual productivity of each employee, create competitive advantage and bring the company to a qualitatively new level.

Business consulting – the key to your business efficiency and confidence in the future!