Fashion and moneyVera Panova and Yulia Rusanova has created a consulting Agency Lunar Hare in 2010. After a few years, the firm has dozens of major fashion brands, and its sales of over 50 million rubles

On a warm spring day in 2010, two girls in jeans and t-shirts — blonde and black — were sitting at a table in a trendy Shop &Bar Denis Simachev at Stoleshnikov lane in Moscow. Coffee, diet dessert, English presentation in the laptop, constantly ringing phone and the promise of a phone conversationalist “right now to send a courier with the documents”. An hour later, the brunette paid the bill, put sunglasses on the forehead pulled a sports cap and decisive step toward the car. There she loaded a printed copy of the presentation “Strategy to promote subscriptions for the magazine “Snob” and under the guise of a courier went to the office “Snob”. So Vera Panova worked as a courier for a private company Lunar Hare, because in that moment was one of her two employees.

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Before the crisis of 2008 they both worked at the Bank «Russian standard”. Panova held the position of Deputy chief of management of public relations, Rusanov — the head of Department of advertising. Souchreditelya stress that never were friends and still clearly separate his professional and family life. In early 2008, when the Bank became more conservative, both are thinking about changing activities.

“We are faced in an office canteen, shared his thoughts about pursuing a career outside the Bank, and soon our dinners have turned into a discussion on the future of the business project”, ” says Panov.

Experience in conducting banking activities both have accumulated. «In your creativity we had no doubt, but starting over was scary”, ” admits Rusanov. Moreover, in the spring of 2008, it became clear that the financial crisis will soon come to Russia. Therefore, future partners registered legal entity, came up with the name Lunar Hare (from “the Book of imaginary beings” Borges), but to resign from the Bank.

In the fall of 2008 Rusanov was invited to lead the project for the development and implementation of loyalty programs for VIP clients MasterCard. Julia left «Russian standard”, has assembled a team to run in Russia and soon called Vera to conduct a PR support. “So “MasterCard” was the first nail in our independent business of life, — Rusanov said. — Although we did it as hired managers, but in practice I realized that I could want, and we will continue to work together”.

In the spring of 2010 the project has ended, but Rusanova and Panova realized that their knowledge and experience is quite universal and can be applied not only in the financial sector. Another finding of ” third partner Agency Alexander Perepelkin, which, according to Rusanova, surprised the girls by a combination of his youth (he’s younger than them for 12 years) and experience and literally opened their eyes “on the world of fashion and lifestyle”. Now the three partners have equal stakes in the Agency.

Successful start

By early 2011, the Agency Lunar Hare won the tenders for PR-support of the Department store “Color”, tourist office UK, H&M and the project “Snob”. «We then rented a 54-meter Studio in Artplay, which was just beginning to rebuild, and get it repaired, ” says Panov. — in a Hurry, as one condition of participation in the tender of the Swedish brand was visiting delegation of H&M office of the future partner. As earnings at us yet was not, on the furniture splurge and bought everything at IKEA. The Swedes from H&M was evaluated by a taste for Swedish furniture”.

In the tender Lunar Hare walked four known in the market for a PR firm. “a Little later, when our client was the Department store “Color”, its representatives explained: they were looking for a team with nezamylenny look at advertising and PR, — said Panov. — And another important criterion is that the managers of the company (that’s us) they worked on the project and not passed it after the presentation to middle and Junior management”.

The initial investment in the lease and the repair was just over $10 000. Both technical and creative work partners Lunar Hare performed by themselves, without salary. Of hired employees was only the office Manager Olesya, which today has grown up to the project Manager of the company. The joy of getting the first customers gave way to horror. “we had to look for staff to carry out planned”, ” says Panov. It is recognized that recruitment remains a major challenge.

“the Range of our own competencies in the first year was growing exponentially, ” acknowledged Panov, — the correct way to sign bills and pass monetary control before the construction of the light installation and communication with the technical services”. As Bank employees, and we had no idea that so much can do.

“It’s like a child who for the first year of life develops more than for the rest of your life, — adds Rusanov. — And our company”.

By the way, about children. Yulia Rusanova bore a third child during the preparation of the opening of the “Color”, and a year later Vera Panova led to telephone conversations with the client from pre-Natal chamber shortly before the birth of her second daughter.

In the second year of active work Lunar Hare turnover of the company exceeded 50 million rubles. Current earnings is enough for a new office, the salary, bonuses and all profit founders reinvest in the business. Now duties of the partners are distributed as follows: Rusanova — CEO, Panova oversees the financial flows and recruiting, Perepelkin — searching for new clients and new lines of business.

The only thing the founders of the Lunar Hare did not change, this clear separation of work and non-working life. «We are friends, not go on a joint vacation. — Rusanov said. — But we are so dependent of each other in business, and sometimes those ties are much stronger family”.

Now at Lunar Hare two-storey office in Stoleshnikov lane (next to the same Shop & Bar Denis Simachev, where there are 30 employees; more than 20 Russian and foreign clients; showroom with 800 samples of clothing of different brands. But in anticipation of the next round of the financial crisis partners diversify their business. Will soon be running your own online media about fashion, and 2014 virtual showroom — the first in the Russian market round the clock basis for stylists, models and journalists.