Optimization of business processesBest business practices to optimize business processes and industry expertise for long-term success of your company.

Starting business in Russia and other CIS countries for international companies linked to a number of complexities and specific tasks. One of them is the implementation of a unified corporate business processes in the new office, as well as the regular formation of corporate reporting.

However, simply shifting global business processes in the regional units will not be able to provide the desired level of transparency and controllability, and also leads to additional difficulties in the business activities of the enterprise, which opens in a new region. Without consulting the adaptation of business processes information on the status of regional companies, which are transmitted to head office, can be biased, and the process of gathering and shaping of sending information is ineffective.

We are ready to share reliable information and the best business practices for long-term success of your company on the Russian market.

Localization of business processes

Business assino consultants are ready to provide expert assistance on the localization of business processes and their optimization for regional characteristics and other aspects that may hamper the operational and centralized management of business. This service is in demand by international companies that have a clear corporate standards of economic activity and specific requirements to its it infrastructure, but for one reason or another, these standards are not able to fully ensure the effective operation of the divisions of the company in Russia.