Prospects of development of the market of business consulting in the far East will be discussed in VladivostokThe program scheduled a series of training events and I far Eastern conference ’s Prospects of development of the market of business consulting at CB”. The forum will bring together about 50 business consultants from Khabarovsk, Primorye, Sakhalin.

All events will be held with the financial support of the program «WE”, far Eastern Association of business consultants and consulting agencies IMCommunications.

C 2004 the purpose of the Program WA is the promotion consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises far East of Russia, which contributes to the successful development of private enterprises by providing subsidies for the implementation of consulting projects, assistance in the selection of consultants and ensuring the quality of consultations, the Programme is funded by the Japanese government through the European Bank of reconstruction and development (EBRD).

In 2012, the initiative group of consultants, with the support of the programme – “WE”, was created by the far Eastern Association of Business consultants. The head of the initiative group and the elected President of the far Eastern Association is Larissa LAVOCHKINA (Director of the consulting Agency ’s IMCommunications”, member of the Russian Guild of marketers).

The aim of the Association is the formation of the market of consulting services, mutually beneficial cooperation with business and government, with Russian and international Associations business consulting APAC countries for the growth of international cooperation in the economy, politics and other fields, the development of consumption culture of consulting services and the relationship of ethics, etc. Consulting Agency IMCommunications is one of the leading consulting agencies, working in the far East since 2000.

During the forum on the I far East conference will discuss critical issues of development consulting. World experience in the consulting, the results of the BAS program, the results of market research consultants in the far East and a series of presentations from leading consultants in the region.

During the forum, scheduled a series of event: October 22 – workshop “Business ethics Business consultants” (conducts Valentina GRIGORYEVA, a member of IMC USA, the international Association of consultants). October 23 – 1 far Eastern conference ’s Prospects of consulting in the far East” BC “Ignat”). October 24-25, ” Seminar “Technology management consulting business” (Valentina Grigoryeva, a member of IMC USA, the international Association of consultants)

The forum organizers are confident that the event will be useful for industry professionals who will have the opportunity to establish new business contacts with potential partners, exchange experience. Today it is necessary to combine the efforts of professional consultants to provide a comprehensive program of assistance to business development in our territory and help to attract investment for development of the region, partnerships between business, government and professional community.