Operational consultingOperational consulting provides maximum transparency and operating efficiency.

In the framework of operational consulting, CROC specialists:

development of the provision of the it service: to establish goals, objectives and functions of the it service and its subsidiaries, principles of work organization, interaction with business units, key performance indicators. Adherence to the principles of it service provides the most transparent information technology management;

policy development in the field of creation and operation of components of the it infrastructure, information security, etc. the Following policies in the field of information technology provides a reliable and fault-tolerant operation of it services;

the development of models and procedures business process: contains a description of the implementation of the current business processes of the company and rules and regulations compliance with the relevant procedures. The final documents are used to increase the level of business transparency and discipline, and setting goals relevant automation of business processes;

development of job descriptions: define the list of functions and operations performed by employees of the company, as well as the rules for their implementation. Service for the development of job descriptions raises the level of Executive discipline and increases the efficiency of your employees;

reengineering of business processes. In the course of the project the CRIC highlights the main business processes of the organization, performs a comprehensive analysis to determine the presence of “bottleneck” and is considering changes to achieve the required performance indicators. The result is a review of the implementation of the basic functions, achieved significant improvement in key performance indicators such as the level of operating costs, quality customer service, speed of interaction with suppliers and partners.

In the performance of services in the field of operational consulting CRIC uses the experience of working with clients of different areas, as well as recognized methods of process approach in the activities of organizations, standards for the management of information technology, the most common and recognized notation describing business processes and modeling of business operations.