Coaching program for consultantsBusiness consulting is an attractive activity for many.

Hundreds of aspiring consultants stormed the businesses offering their own advice.

But for some reason most of them six months later merges out of business.

And not because they can not!

What problems make the new starters to give up?

consulting is not for sale

a sense of insecurity in your own knowledge

haven’t managed to get a stable income (for beginners 150 -200 thousand rubles.)

frightening unknown

don’t understand how to lead consulting

where to get clients

had a bad experience conducting consulting, had to return the money

And what is the result?

What can you do?

We, Sergey Savinov and Tatiana Korobeynikova launching a 3-month coaching program for consultants . which will allow You to reach a new level in the business consulting:

For those new to consulting . Tighten your level in consulting to a stable 150 thousand roubles a month;

For advanced in consulting . If You are already periodically sell their consulting services, but stared at the ceiling and don’t understand how to move on, so it took less time and generate more income. For You strap, which we take to be 300 -400 thousand. It’s time to take the next step. To raise prices, automation consulting (so it takes up less time and your resources), to increase the number of customers, to find new products.

How will coaching program?

The start of the programme — 5 December

Meetings 1-2 times a week.

You will receive not only a step by step program of action, and serious motivation to action. The number of meetings will be put on Your results.

Generally a key indicator in coaching programme — results of the participants.

Any person who begins to build a new business or activities in this new field, you have to go almost to the touch, in complete obscurity.

And this causes the stopper and the impossibility of action. With the help of the coaching program You will be able to move forward without the active periods of the brakes in my head.

What will be coaching programme?

a system of continuous stable income

the motivation to move forward

pumping management consulting

building a system around him (helpers in sales and attracting clients in consulting, assistant management consulting)

new consulting products

testing and improving your conversion rates in sales consulting

partner settings

marketing and PR consultant

new channels of sales consulting

where the money is that beginners usually don’t see

pumping of self-discipline (no this will not work☺)

habits to act without delay

the demand results from you