foundations of consulting – the ability to quickly become a Good consultantfoundations consulting

Actually, to become a business consultant is not as difficult. The problem many businesses typically typical and fixable. How to sell your business advice?

Why not become a consultant so difficult?

Because if you look at most companies, you will see that there is a mess. They know absolutely nothing about advertising, to open the paper – all ads are virtually the same. You go to the store – curves price tags, “rude” sellers, etc. A huge number of problems that are not too difficult to fix . and you can also understand.

How do we sell it?

Probably the most pleasant moment that business consulting is easy to sell. For example, we come to the business and say: “you Have a turnover of 1 million rubles. tell me if I will bring you earnings in 300 thousand rbl. are you ready me the money to pay 30 thousand rubles. From the future of money, where else have you not?”.

You need to be an idiot to say no. From experience say that these idiots will be, a certain percentage of such people, of course.

There is a greedy business consultants who ask for half or more brought from the client money. And such consultants, the percentage of transactions is very small, it is difficult to sell consulting.

Beginners start so

Earn on consulting with relative ease . Of course, not every first and every second will buy, but according to statistics, of the 20 companies with whom you will conduct a basic audit, the two companies will agree on consulting, on 30 thousand roubles a month, for starters.

For you this 60 thousand rubles. Initially, you’ll work closely with the client, for 4 hours per week, if two clients – 8 hours. For one day a week 60 thousand rbl. For many, it is a very decent money. And business – it is the little costs.

To the first 100 thousand rubles walk – it is, literally, three clients.

Or two clients and two master-class consulting. One or two of the master class, which you sell for only 500 rubles. it comes about 40 people. It is already 20 thousand rubles, except that from here you will also close on consulting.

Why we love consulting

Because clients are very interesting people. First of all, very fun to read someone else’s business that you consider the other side that you never show. On the other hand, people who run businesses, slightly more interesting than employees who go to the same job at the same time, for the same money.

And you are growing incredibly fast. You realize that your scope is too small, it is time to increase the tempo and go at a higher speed .