the formulation of development strategiesWe develop and implement organizational change. Today, apparently, the greatest experience on the real implementation of changes in Russian companies.

“STEP” offers Customers a wide range of services in the field of organizational development and management consulting:

marketing research,

the formulation of development strategies,

optimization of the organizational structure,

optimization of business processes,

optimization of management system,

development of systems of motivation,

the creation of a system of possessory control,

management accounting,

production budgeting

assessment of management personnel,

assistance in selecting the company’s top executives.

We guarantee the quality of the result is not lower than sought by the consultants, which specializes exclusively in the provision of any part of this spectrum of services.

Unique “Step” is about Systemic organizational change . This comprehensive service includes a wide range of private services and covers all aspects of business: sales and marketing, Economics and Finance, personnel, management system, Foundation relations, etc. Systemic organizational changes are carried out in situations, when in front of a rapidly growing Company is to maintain the tempo of development. When you need to reach a qualitatively new level. When you need to rebuild activity in connection with the radical changes of the market. When the owners want to give the Company under management to a hired Manager. Or when in connection with the business growth apparent crisis of governability and efficiency will drop. The core of this work is the restructuring of the management system and organizational structure. Consultants conducted jointly with the Customer, planning of complex changes top-down and follow-up consulting support throughout the process of implementation of plans and developments.

Another unique product “Step” — the alignment of interests and positions of the owners of the company or partners in the joint project. Coordination is carried out on all key issues of business management and ownership and is recorded in a written document which is a kind of “Constitution” for the signatories.

Who we work for

Our main Customers are business owners, who due to rapid growth or turnaround optimization is a deficit of strong managers and specialists, organizational and managerial mechanisms, effective business technology, etc.

Consulting Center “STEP” always worked with market leaders, working with them today, and looks forward to working with them in the future. At different times clients “Step” were such companies as “Sportmaster”, “Autoworld”, “Old Hottabych”, “the snow Queen”, “M. Video”, “VimpelCom”, “Dixis”, “Satori”, “Interbank Financial House,” Bank “Petrocommerce” and “Gazprombank”, “Formula Kino”, insurance company “Russia” and “ASKO” the newspaper “Evening Moscow”, the telecommunications company “Owls Teleport” and “Artel”, Sheremetyevo international airport and others.

How we work

We belong to a fairly narrow range of consulting firms, which not only diagnose and develop a plan and recommendations, but also provide the necessary implementation for the organization changes.

We are able to act as “collective management” on the organizational changes themselves and to fill the gaps in the management of the Company until such time as the managers in working with us do not acquire the missing knowledge and skills.

Hippokratio “do No harm” is one of the first commandments “Step”. Introducing changes in the client organization, we act very gently and carefully, not allowing any violations of the progress of the workflow, nor rude intrusion in the existing relationship, no bring “explosive” information.

We treat prevailing in the Company’s traditions, to the fate of the people working in it, and even to the belief of the Customer that are not shared. We always seek to draw on the accumulated in companies positive experience and never destroy what is the Company value. That is why, in the opinion of our customers, even when our help is a radical reorganisation of the business, it is accompanied by a minimal decrease of financial results and manageability during a consulting project and a significant increase in efficiency, reliability and manageability of business after the conclusion of the consultancy.

The main resource of our Customers are people working in the organization. All our Customers have noticed that consultants “Step” reading people: can evaluate employees and to select or to find the challenge of those who cope with them, can identify the strengths of people, to mobilize them to solve the set tasks.

What experience is behind us

Being the age of entrepreneurship in Russia, we have accumulated extensive experience working with companies from various business sectors (banking, retail, manufacturing, publishing, telecommunications, insurance, construction, etc.). Today we have completed over 700 consulting projects. The number of client organizations — more than 350.

We realized early enough that effective consulting need your consulting services market, which is impossible to form forces the few existing professional consulting companies. From 1993-1997, during the company’s “STEP” is created and operates as “School organizational consultants”, which was passed by about 60 experts. Most of them still work in the field of counseling today, and some have created their own consulting firm and led them.

Often, rather than focusing on individual services, we have solved complex problems of business development in General. Together with our Customers we have developed and set up new business projects, conducted mergers and division of companies, lifted out of their business, developing the skills of managers. We are grateful to our customers the experience we have gained by working with their companies. Today we know the tendencies of formation and development of businesses, their typical problems and diseases. We do not just see the strengths and weaknesses of companies: we have something to compare them, there is a point of reference for assessing their real competitive disadvantages and advantages.

Due to the fact that we worked and worked with leaders of different markets, with whom we had to solve the problems of development, we have a wide Arsenal of tried and tested institutional arrangements. Our expertise allows other companies to look ahead and to anticipate possible errors. Thus, we adhere to the principle: “Know that recommend not recommend not checked”.

With the active participation of the Consulting Center STEP and a number of other companies was established and in January 2008, officially registered Association of consulting companies “ASCONA”. Currently “ASCONA” organizes the exchange of experience between representatives of different consulting regularly publishes the newsletter and actively participates in the activities of the European Confederation of national associations of consulting FEACO .