Consulting servicesOur company offers the customers a wide range of consulting services that will help to optimize the work of your organization, making it the most productive, and help you make the best decision when you encounter a difficult situation.

If we compare our country with other States, we can see that the overseas consultancy services for conducting business have become commonplace: they are used by all companies, from small firms to large international organizations. Russia consulting has started to develop about 2 decades ago with the advent of private business. Special popularity was gained consulting firm in Moscow, since they first appeared on the market and began to offer their services to companies and organizations. Currently the services of consultants began to use many Russian companies, however, statistics show that the first service is in demand among large and medium firms interested in expanding their business to the international market. As a small business, the services of consultants in their everyday life. The effectiveness of this solution for small companies is obvious, because cooperation with experienced business advisors helps to see real development prospects of the company and to avoid many common mistakes. This is especially true given the current situation in the market where competition is growing every day and only effective business management helps the firm to stay afloat.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with what exactly is business consulting and how it can affect the development of your company. This information will help you make the right decision when choosing the consultant to whom you entrust your business.

Types of consulting services

Consulting cited a number of actions aimed at the analysis of the enterprise, to identify potential risks and existing problems and ways of their solution. Typically, most clients consulting agencies are the enterprises and organizations involved in the manufacture and sale of goods or services. Advising is done on the organization of work of the company, its financial and legal activities.

Take advantage of consulting services – this is the most effective solution if you want to achieve your goals in your business. It is a common practice that is used even the largest international companies that operate worldwide.

Consultancy company are divided into several categories according to the method of consulting and localization.

According to the method of distinguish counseling training (involves conducting training sessions, during which the client receives all the necessary information to improve the operation of the company), process (collective work is a consultant with the staff and management of the firm) and expert (involves diagnosis of the company’s work to develop new and effective solutions) consulting. On the subject – environmental, management and IT consulting, and localization – domestic and international consulting.

Special demand among clients services management consulting. They involve the analysis and management of the enterprise or organization in order to avoid crisis situations and find new solutions for successful business development.

Management consulting includes the following aspects:

What is a consulting company ?

If we talk about the optimization of the enterprise or organization, it may be noted that the achievement of a result is possible only with an integrated approach. In short, you need to study in detail all aspects of the organization, to identify possible deficiencies and their correction. Of course, this is unlikely under one single specialist. That is why all consulting companies recruit to your team of employees with different specializations. It and financial analysts, and experts on crisis management, and experienced managers. This team can professionally solve existing problems, as each specialist will be responsible for their part.

Very frequent are considered to be consulting firms that specialize in only one direction. This can be auditing and consulting company. legal consulting company. expert, financial or technological activities of enterprises.

Classification consulting organizations

According to experts, all companies providing consulting services, can be divided into 5 groups. Criteria for the division serves as organization structure, customer base and list of services.

The first category includes leading consulting firms. Otherwise they are called “Agency big four”. These organizations operate around the world, having branches in many countries. As a rule, members of the “big four” have a consulting service only the largest businesses and governmental organizations.

The second category – this is a company called “think tanks”. They provide various types of consulting and information services, as well as help to find unusual solutions, offering creative ideas for business development.

The third category of companies is considered the most numerous. It includes most of the consulting companies in Moscow. This so-called subject-oriented Agency whose activities are limited to one or more directions. For example, it may be advising on legal matters or on matters of logistics. Also, there are many organizations that are engaged in advising on the matters of recruitment, anti-crisis enterprise management or advice on investments.

A representative of the fourth category may be referred to a consulting firm that provides consulting services only in one sphere of activity. For example, it may be the Agency IT consulting.

And, finally, the fifth category – this is the most small firms, the staff which may consist even of a single person. As a rule, such companies not only provide advice, but also conduct their own business associated with a particular sphere of activity.

As you can see, the choice of companies and agencies involved in counselling, to date, very extensive. However, there is one common trait inherent in any consulting company whose services are in demand and in demand. This know-how is the individual approach to each client. Agree, in business it is not the absolutely similar situations, so every consulting company should begin its work with a thorough analysis of the customer activities and identify individual characteristics of his enterprise. Only in this case it is possible to predict the fact that consultants can actually find the right path of development for the organization entrusted to them.

Consulting services in Moscow

Moscow, like other world capitals, is the place where located and successfully operate many large businesses and companies, and therefore, the services of consulting companies here are in great demand. What is the Agency to give preference to not to make a mistake? As you know, the services of the hired consultants are not cheap, so there is the risk of just losing your money, but did not achieve the desired result.

Experts recommend to choose a consulting company in Moscow, whose work for more than one year and already has the reputation. After reviewing the projects. involving the Agency, you will be able to make their conclusions about the effectiveness of the work of its staff and how do you need the services of this organization.

Consulting Agency Ace Consulting Company

ACE Consulting Company – is an organization that provides a wide range of consulting services (Moscow). Our history goes back decades. The main specialization of the company is management consulting. We have considerable experience in sales management and strategic marketing, buying and selling businesses and business reorganizations of large holding structures.

The company will also provide consulting services on issues of personnel management, transportation and warehousing, and analysis of economic activity of the enterprise or organization. Our activity is not limited to the territory of the Russian Federation: there is a positive experience working with companies who conduct their business in China and Europe (Germany, Austria, Spain, etc.).

Our experience and professionalism has allowed our Agency to become the leading consulting company in Moscow. Our customers know us and trust us customers, among which there are many large enterprises.

The main services of A consulting company CE Consulting Company (Moscow)

We provide a wide range of services, using the method of complex consulting, enabling a comprehensive analysis of the company. Here you can order:

The creation and protection of a business plan ;

The development of the business model of your organization;

To hold different kinds of marketing research;

Advising on business;

Development of the holding structure of your business;

Risk analysis the project / business and the protection scheme of corporate structures.