The advantages of business consultingBefore the beginning of great changes in the management of the enterprise is confronted by the question: “will improve your business or we can call professionals?”. Of course, objectively understand that to solve complex problems, it’s better to hire professionals, but, nevertheless, there are many different reasons why it seems that to improve your business and yourself. I will try to reveal, better than consultant’s own expert, why consultants do not like, and give some advice, it should call a consultant.

First talk about the advantages of business consulting. Here is not very extensive, but significant, a list of known reasons to turn to external consultants for business:

the independent consultant. Consultant nobody obeys the enterprise, it no one can “push” or “push” their own decisions;

the consultant looks at your business from outside. The consultant comes to the enterprise, and his view of the “clear” some of the routine challenges, which focused management. This fresh look is enough to make even the managers and owners understand in your thoughts, and find the right solution;

the consultant has extensive experience. Moreover, the business consultant works with many companies in different business spheres, and can replicate a successful solution, the consultant is always ahead of the management and financial issues – he knows about all the innovations that monitors information about doing business in our country and abroad. It is clear that the specialists of the company can not have such experience.

To be objective is very important, so talking about the advantages, it is necessary to say a few negative words about a business consulting, it is precisely Because of these shortcomings, the leaders are in no hurry to turn to consultants. It is no secret that some managers had the attitude to consultants as people who came to “make unnecessary work for a lot of money” .

Usually under unnecessary work means “we could have done it ourselves.” Uselessness is also, and this is a feature of the consulting that the results of the consultants ‘ work is often immediately visible. The effectiveness of decisions can be assessed only after some time and it is often impossible to determine exactly what caused the improvements. Company executives often think that it is the self able to adjust and improve the situation, and consultants or not. In General, this question is more historical than rhetorical.

In the not so distant past, our business was to acquire and build assets and their subsequent resale. Some enterprises consulting services by and large used as a tool of “laundering” money. That’s, like, came consultants, drew business processes for a tidy sum and left. Anyone these business processes are not needed, they remained on paper money “sawn” – everyone is happy.

On the other hand (and this is still going on), many companies invite consultants for the purpose of “it is fashionable” or to be able to wave a flag (especially when you invite some and well-known Western company) – “we have worked as consultants, drew the processes, means we at world level” . The result is a funny picture when talking about business processes, many managers imagine a thick (and I must say expensive) stack of paper drawn with squares and arrows. But the business processes that are not squares on the paper, it’s really working processes in the company . Further dishonesty breeds more dishonesty, the consultants in my head spinning dollars, the pointlessness and uselessness of the work, and eventually went to the process “need to invent more work and a little more to get the money” . In the end, it turns out that the powerful tool of business consulting is used completely inappropriately.

To my great satisfaction, all of this is rooted in the past, the situation is currently being rectified. The management and owners of companies don’t work for a speedy sale of assets, and set themselves quite civilized objectives: to increase the profitability and the cost of business, increase profits, reduce expenses, etc. And on the other hand ripen consultants who come to the company with the aim “to help streamline your business and achieve your goals”. And believe me, honest consultant will not draw business processes, if they will remain on paper. Moreover, in recent years a huge number of different techniques, and, possibly, the consultant will need only one training to solve your problem at no extra cost and hassle for you. I hope that my words sound convincing.