What defines “place” for Oregonians?

Part of what defines “place” for Oregonians is the unique cultural heritage of our diverse people and landscapes. The expression of that heritage in our built environment is increasingly threatened by rapid development, poor public policy, climate change, and displacement. In the face of these complex challenges, Restore Oregon's Most Endangered Places (MEP) program works to share our technical expertise and network of resources with preservation efforts around the state.


Measurable Impact Since 2011

Since 2011, with generous support from the Kinsman Foundation, Restore Oregon has made a measurable impact on preservation in Oregon through our MEP program. To date, we have listed 58 places, while nearly $200,000 in Restore Oregon seed grants have leveraged hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of preservation and rehabilitation work statewide.

A State-Wide Program

Providing Technical Assistance, Educating the Public, Growing Communities

Properties selected as MEPs are those under ownership or oversight lacking the knowledge and/or resources to develop preservation solutions without significant help in assessing condition, providing emergency stabilization, and creating a viable preservation/reuse strategy. These critical first steps provide the foundation that allows these properties to successfully apply for funding from grantors and qualify for traditional financing.

Our Most Endangered Places Program offer the following assistance:

Emergency Intervention

Providing emergency intervention to save significantly at-risk historic places and launch them down the path of restoration and reuse.

Oregon's Heritage

Drawing public attention to our state’s endangered places, the threats they face, the heritage they embody, and the important role they play in their community.

Educating and Engaging

 Educating and engaging hundreds of new people through media coverage and telling the story of Oregon’s heritage through the active preservation of historic resources and places.

Saving Historic Places

People saving remarkable historic places snatched from the wrecking ball or rescued from decades of neglect.

Focusing on Underserved Communities

Back in 2020 we made a commitment to selecting places from communities that have long been underserved: cultural resources that serve as a lynchpin of economic redevelopment for rural Oregon Main Streets, and those in urban communities battling displacement and historic injustices. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused innumerable delays, it also allowed us to take a step back from our annual MEP cycle, providing deeper assistance unique to individual MEPs, and thoughtfully taking our time to make additions to the program. 

We will continue to focus our support and technical assistance on rural and underserved communities over the next year and have selected a new endangered place to add to our program that represents critical challenges facing much of Oregon’s historic built environment, namely resilience amid climate change, and retrofitting for accessibility.

Support this Program

A donation to Restore Oregon helps ensure Oregon’s history and cultural heritage remains for generations to come. Your donation directly impacts Oregon’s Most Endangered Places through direct technical support provided by our Preservation Programs Team. Make your donation today to save endangered places for tomorrow.