Our Organization

Founded in 1977, Restore Oregon is a state-wide, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supported by members/donors, led by a volunteer board, and staffed by professionals, who help people save and revitalize historic places and spaces. We work on the front lines and behind the scenes to leverage relationships, resources, and creativity to preserve, protect, and pass forward Oregon's heritage.

Restore Oregon promotes inclusive historic preservation as a means to preserve Oregon’s diverse cultural heritage and to help solve problems like affordable housing, rural economic development, and climate change. We advocate for effective policies and incentives, deliver education programs, and directly intervene to save endangered places that matter to their community.

Preservation is Important to Us

Our Mission

Restore Oregon’s mission is to preserve, reuse, and pass forward the spaces and places that reflect Oregon’s diverse cultural heritage and make our communities vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable.

Our Vision

Engage and empower a new generation of preservationists from diverse backgrounds. Increase representation of lesser-known histories through outreach to underserved communities. Expand Oregon’s concept of preservation to include cultural resources such as historic landscapes, legacy businesses and heritage events

Our Values

Our core values include:
Inclusivity: embrace the full spectrum of cultural and ethnic diversity in Oregon’s communities, in our work, and in our organization
Leadership – be known as the thought leader on historic preservation in Oregon
Stewardship – lower barriers to preservation and enable all Oregonians to steward the historic spaces and places that matter most to them
Sustainability – champion the role of preservation and reuse in fighting climate change, pollution and the squandering of renewable resources
Livability – advance preservation in the context of livable, healthy, vibrant, equitable, place-based communities

Our Team

We are a small, but mighty team.

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Our Board

Our board consists of experts in their field--from preservation to finance our leadership rocks.

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Strategic Plan

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