We offer both event-specific and annual sponsorship opportunities.

Our Sponsors enjoy:

  • Marketing Opportunities – receive recognition at statewide Restore Oregon programs, and events; in our digital communications; and on our website.
  • Corporate Leadership – grow your reputation as a socially responsible corporate citizen by supporting Restore Oregon’s efforts to save our state's historic resources
  • Networking Opportunities – build relationships with potential clients at one of our events and network within our statewide organization.
  • Discounts – enjoy free or reduced rates for statewide events and programs

Through sponsorship, your business enables Restore Oregon to offer technical assistance, educational outreach, and public policy advocacy. With your help, we can ensure the protection of Oregon's meaningful places and spaces.

Annual Sponsorships

We are a lean, efficient organization that is focused on saving the places that make Oregon great.

Care to join us in our mission?

Check out our Annual Sponsorships and gain access to our in-person and online audiences. We offer several annual sponsorship levels to meet any budget.

Access Your Audience with Event Sponsorships

Easy and comprehensive sponsorships to make the most of your marketing budget:
Restoration Celebration
Crafted with networking and marketing in mind, we designed our Restoration Celebration sponsorships to meet any budget. Our 2023 Restoration Celebrations sponsors enjoy:
  • Marketing Opportunities – Receive statewide recognition across multiple marketing platforms
  • Corporate Leadership – Grow your reputation as a socially responsible corporate citizen by supporting Restore Oregon's efforts in saving our state's historic resources  
  • Networking Opportunities – Build relationships with potential clients at the Restoration Celebration
Network and share your business with like-minded community members as a Restoration Celebration sponsor! Click below to learn more or email Sara Masser at sara@restoreoregon.org to chat through the different opportunities. 
Restore Oregon Modernism

One of Portland’s most anticipated design and architecture events of the year has grown to a year-round event, called Restore Oregon Modernism. Year-long Modernism events and educational offerings mean year-long advertising benefits for our sponsors! Our programming includes more content, more tours, and more places to highlight your business.

Sponsorships for 2023 are closed.

Email Sara Masser at sara@restoreoregon.org if you're interested in claiming a spot for 2024!


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