Preservation Toolkit

Restore Oregon’s Preservation Toolkit provides a high level guide to the process and decisions one needs to make when approaching the restoration and reuse of a historic building. It is oriented toward small-to-medium commercial properties, but much of the content will apply to homes, barns, and other types of structures.

The toolkit walks you through everything you need to know, from terminology to standards to condition assessment to funding and much more, to begin and complete a successful preservation project. The toolkit follows a simple outline to get your project in the right direction:


00: Process Overview

Process Overview: a simple flowchart illustrating the steps for a successful preservation project.

Chapter 1: Get Oriented

An Orientation to Preservation & Adaptive Reuse: introductions to terminology, standards, organizations, and the National Register.
Chapter 2: Assess Condition

Condition Assessment Checklist: a top-to-bottom checklist for examining and documenting the current state of your property.
Chapter 3: Plan Rehabilitation

Creating a Viable Rehabilitation Plan: a guide to determining a feasible new use for your property, and testing the economic dollars and sense.
Chapter 4: Source Funding

Funding Sources & Incentives: bank loans, grants, tax credits… learn what is available and the associated stipulations.
Chapter 5: Plan Maintenance

Maintenance Plan: what it should include and how to approach it.
Chapter 6: Work with Preservation Professionals

Working With the Right Preservation Professionals: assembling the right team and understanding the role they play can make or break your project.
Chapter 7: Organize & Build Community Support

Organize & Build Community Support: tips on telling your story and getting the community on board.

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